Who is this for?


Adults who work in the helping profession (teachers, nurses, therapists, stay-at-home parents, etc.)

Adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD or feel that they are experiencing symptoms similar to those of ADHD.

Adults in transition (career moves, family changes including marriage and divorce, having children, etc.).

Adults who have experienced childhood trauma (prior to the age of 18).

What do sessions cost?


Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Watervliet accepts Aetna, BCBS PPO, Cigna, and United Healthcare.

Do you see clients in person or virtually?


I see clients virtually and in person.  My hours are:
Monday-11-2; 4-7:30
Tuesday-11-2; 4-7:30
Wednesday-11-2; 4-7:30
Thursday-9-2, 4-7:30 (Virtual Only)
Sunday-By request only

How long does each session last?

A one hour session lasts 53 minutes.

How often do I need to go to counseling?

A treatment plan for each client is created between the first and second session.  This plan includes recommendations for weekly or biweekly therapy.  Once the goals are met, monthly sessions may occur for maintenance reasons.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

By spending time on yourself, you can refill your cup so that you may be able to help others in a greater capacity, while feeling good about yourself and your mental health.

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