What is Watervliet?
(And how do you pronounce it?)

Watervliet (water va leet) Counseling is named after the town of Watervliet, Michigan.  A small, sleepy, lake town and one of my favorite places to go to get rejuvenated after a long work week or long school year.  I wanted to create a place locally that would create this same effect and not take two hours of travel!

Come to Watervliet Counseling when you are feeling stressed, anxious, and/or depressed.  Utilizing research-based therapy, we will work together on how you can feel like you are returning from your favorite place feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and motivated.  

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Meet Stacy


My name is Stacy Colgan.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the owner of Watervliet Counseling in Naperville, IL. 

My first area of focus is on helping those who are in the helping profession: teachers, nurses, stay-at-home mom’s, doctors, first responders, etc. who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Many of us in the helping profession have experienced secondary trauma or trauma in childhood. I have training in trauma informed care, hypnotherapy, and EMDR.  My mission is to help those in the helping profession so that they are able to fully show up to help others. My second area of focus is working with adults diagnosed with ADHD.  In graduate school I learned that I had ADHD-Inattentive Type and now work with adults who have experienced the same sense of relief around finally understanding what was “wrong” with me!

I received my MSW from Loyola University in 2005. I started my career as a School Social Worker, followed by a District Administrator, and have most recently worked in private practice.  After years of burnout in the school system, I have created and identified a process for helping those in the helping profession to create a positive and fulfilling life.  In addition, my work with ADHD clients is based on the best research and a four prong treatment plan.  

Thank you for exploring my website.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Stacy Colgan (She/Her)

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

By spending time on yourself, you can refill your cup so that you may be able to help others in a greater capacity, while feeling good about yourself and your mental health.

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